How to Create A Budget Plan Part One

How to make a budget plan part 1

Budget Plan Coins

How to make a budget plan that will work for you part 1

In this multi part series, I will help you become intentional about your money.  We will start with the big picture by creating a budget plan. then we will use budget plan to create more specific plans with monthly and weekly goals and budgets.  

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My Teacher School Supply List Fall 2017

Teacher School Supply List

My Fall 2017 Teacher School Supply List

As you may have read about here I am a teacher.  With school starting I am getting ready to buy some supplies for my class and I wanted share with you what they are.  As a “Rotation Specialist” I often end up buying most of my own supplies or finding ways to do with out what I need.  Today I would like to share you with what is on my Teacher School Supply list for fall 2017.  I hope it gives you some ideas if you would like to send your child’s Music teacher to help them start off on a good note!

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Honor Your Goal to Achieve Your Dreams

Honor your goal

“Honor your goal” stay consistent and achieve your goals!

Are you having trouble working towards your goals every day?  As you may know, I have a lot of goals, always have.  It took me years of struggling to make improvements in my life.  I just could not get the traction I needed to meet my goals.  After years of trying I found a way that worked for me, but I wish I had learned the “honor your goal” concept back then.  It would have saved me a ton of time and grief!

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Intentional Explorers Accepts Sunshine Blogger Award!

Sunshine Blogger Award logo


Thanks For all the Support!

I am so grateful to all my friends for supporting the launch of Intentional Explorers! It is great to have family and friends who value your work.  I often struggle with being confident in my work even with this kind of support. Recently Intentional Explorers was validated by an outside source with the Sunshine Award, which has given me a boost of confidence!  

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Unexpected Adventure: Texas Floral Expo

Texas Floral Expo

Last weekend I had the pleasure to do a walk through of the Texas Floral Expo with my father-in-law.  He is an excellent florist and is well known throughout the state.  He asked us to bring his grandson to the Texas Floral Expo to meet his friends and we happily obliged!

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