Learn Everything For Free Part 1

Free Online Learning

In college I told myself “Stick to the major you started with” because if I didn’t I would never graduate.  It is probably true that I would have stayed in college learning a little bit of everything forever.   However, it was a bad deal to make with myself because my dedication to graduate “on time” limited me on what classes I could take.  This of course limited  what I learned during the time I was in the very place meant for learning amazing things.  Lucky for me, I came of age during the technology boom.  Now I can explore anything I want using my favorite free online learning resources; .edx, Khan Academy, Youtube, and “How to Do Everything”.  As long as I can find the time… Continue reading “Learn Everything For Free Part 1”

Tinkergarten: Outdoor Adventure in the Big City


Disclaimer (I currently teach for Tinkergarten, but the views here are my own and I was not asked to write, nor compensated for this post)

As much as I love teaching there are things that frustrate me about public schools.  Perhaps this is because I didn’t grow up in school, or perhaps it is because as an Intentional Explorer I research things like “what kids need to learn best” and “how should kids be learning”.  Because of this I feel frustrated at the crossroads of school and education where the paths cross but go in opposite directions.  In any case, I was super excited in the fall of 2016 to learn about a fairly new movement called Tinkergarten.   Continue reading “Tinkergarten: Outdoor Adventure in the Big City”