Who Are Intentional Explorers?

Intentional Explorers

Who are Intentional Explorers?

In practice Intentional Explorers are people who strive to be intentional with their lives to achieve personal happiness as well as to better the greater community through action or understanding.  To the Intentional Explorer knowledge is the key to understanding and compassion. In general, Intentional Explorers set out to be intentional in two or more of the following categories: Continue reading “Who Are Intentional Explorers?”

What Does It Mean To Be Intentional?


Intentionality is a concept introduced to me by my dear friend Jeremy.  To him relationships happen not by chance, but because we put forth the effort into making them happen.  While we were in college Jeremy made it a point among our group of friends to promote doing things together “intentionally”, or having “intentional” dialog about a particular subject.  When we were first getting to know each-other I thought this was a bit odd, cool, but odd.  It wasn’t until after we graduated that I realized how important intentionality really was. Continue reading “What Does It Mean To Be Intentional?”