Honor Your Goal to Achieve Your Dreams

“Honor your goal” stay consistent and achieve your goals!

Are you having trouble working towards your goals every day?  As you may know, I have a lot of goals, always have.  It took me years of struggling to make improvements in my life.  I just could not get the traction I needed to meet my goals.  After years of trying I found a way that worked for me, but I wish I had learned the “honor your goal” concept back then.  It would have saved me a ton of time and grief!

Two weeks ago I learned to “honor your goal”, this idea has helped to take away the guilt I feel when life gets in the way of my goals both big and small! It has also encouraged me to really attempt to make time every day for my goals.  Which in turn has already helped me make massive progress in several areas of my life!  I hope it will do the same for you!  Let’s review some good goal setting techniques and learn how to make them successful!

If you want to achieve your goals first you need to set them

Some very smart and talented people I know have lots of dreams for their lives but sadly they have never realized any of them.  A big reason for this is that these dreamers never made a plan.  Often they think it isn’t worth scheduling time for their goals because life will always get in the way. While it is true life will always be happening, it is important to know you have control over how you react to life.  you also have control over how life affects your plans. Remember the difference between a dream and a goal is a plan.  

Make time for your goals

The next most difficult thing in achieving goals is actually working towards them.  Set aside a little time every day to either work on your goal.  Don’t just think about your goals, write them down, put them on a calendar and tell a friend!  But also know that they will get interrupted.  So make a plan for that! Which is where this new idea of honoring your goal comes in.

“Honor Your Goal” A plan for when the plan is interrupted

There is a little trick that has taken so much worry, guilt, and frustration away from my life!  I used to get so discouraged when I scheduled a time to work on a goal and got interrupted by life.  I beat myself up over falling off the bandwagon and it would take a while to get back on — if I got back on at all– because I was so mad at myself for missing one day of my schedule.  Often I would just decide I wasn’t meant to do X and I would give up trying.

Luckily I have found a way to end this cycle!  Earlier this week, while I was binge listening to “Happier”, a podcast by Gretchen Ruben, I heard about the idea to “honor your habit”.  

Gretchen tells us that to “honor” your habit, or goal in our case means that on a day you cannot work on your goal take the time to think intentionally about it. Even better, do something else that is still productive towards reaching your goal. The idea is that if you Honor your goal then you are making space in your brain for it and teaching yourself to value that time for your goal. Thus making it an important part of your daily activities and increasing the likelihood of staying on track with your goal.

An example of honoring your goal

Here are a couple examples of how to honor a goal.   Say your goal is to run outside every day.  One day you wake up and it is pouring rain or you sprain your ankle.  You can honor your goal by doing a mental run.  If your goal is to write a blog post every day.  One day it just doesn’t happen, life gets in the way. Honor your goal by taking a few minutes while you are driving or washing dishes to hash out some ideas.

Honoring my goals has made me guilt free!

Learning to honor goals has taken away most of the guilt I feel for missing a day of running or writing. I no longer feel guilty I simply remind myself of the way I honored my goal on the missed day.  This lets me focus on the progress I made rather than the day I missed.   Focusing on the progress allows me to forgive myself and keeps me centered on staying with the goal rather than focusing on all my faults and giving up.

What do you think of this idea to honor your goal?  What are some ways you can honor your goals when you can’t work on them the way you wanted to?


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18 Replies to “Honor Your Goal to Achieve Your Dreams”

  1. “Focusing on the progress allows me to forgive myself and keeps me centered on staying with the goal rather than focusing on all my faults and giving up.” I love the positive words of wisdom! Thanks for helping provide a new prospective on achievement!

  2. Thank you for sharing with us about this concept of “honoring your goals.” I think it is very important. With your advice on keeping mentally focused on your goal even if you don’t get to work towards it that day, I think it is also important never to give up on your goals…and try again if you fail.

  3. Some great tips! It’s so easy to beat ourselves up and then give up when we aren’t accomplishing our goals as well or as quickly as we’d like. Honouring them is a great way to keep them at the forefront of our minds…giving them mental energy when we don’t have time to physically work on them means we’re far more likely to still achieve them eventually!

  4. Thank you for speaking what is on my heart. At least once a week I get overwhelmed with this blogging thing, but I am learning to stop getting so frustrated that I don’t do anything. I have to remind myself that doing AT LEAST one thing everyday is going to get me that much closer to realizing my vision (and that I have grown leaps and bounds ahead of where I started). That helps motivate me, so that I am able to refocus on “honoring my goal.” Thanks!

  5. Oh, my! This is what I truly need right now. I quite stressed and little depressed these past few days. This serves as a reminder that I should focus on my goals instead of thinking too much.

  6. Too many times, our goals and plans fall on the wayside because life gets in the way. AN important of goal setting is recognizing our personal limitations and thinking through how we’re going to tackle, if not overcome, those.

  7. I love this post because it is the right motivation I needed today! I agree with you when you say that it’s difficult working towards them but we must do this if we really want to achieve our goals 🙂

  8. Good post. I’ve always phrased it as short and long term goals though. This is something that I am learning to do especially because my health gets in the way of several things, like my blogging for example. When I’m ill and in bed, I’ll try to edit the photos that I’m planning on using on a post that way, I’m at least working towards a post – Cori 💕

  9. I find myself being scattered when it comes to my goals. I’m a busy mom with two little baby boys and a fledgling business. I need organization tips on goal setting. Any ideas?

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