My Teacher School Supply List Fall 2017

My Fall 2017 Teacher School Supply List

As you may have read about here I am a teacher.  With school starting I am getting ready to buy some supplies for my class and I wanted share with you what they are.  As a “Rotation Specialist” I often end up buying most of my own supplies or finding ways to do with out what I need.  Today I would like to share you with what is on my Teacher School Supply list for fall 2017.  I hope it gives you some ideas if you would like to send your child’s Music teacher to help them start off on a good note!

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I have learned after a few years that Crayola crayons really are the best.  They don’t break as easily as other brands.  When I have all Crayola crayons then the kids don’t argue about who has the “best” or the “good” crayons.  For goal setting this year I need 30 reds, 30, blues, 30 greens, and 30 blacks. So these are top on my teacher school supply list


Some of you have likely heard of the amazing Ticonderoga pencils!  They really are the best!  These particular pencils make my teacher school supply list because they break the least often of any pencil brand I have used.  They are also made of real wood and sharpen evenly.  As a bonus they come pre-sharpened!  When you have 800 students this saves so much time!  I will go through 200-400 pencils a semester and even though they are expensive I am going to splurge in hopes of having them last a bit longer.


I have never known an eraser on a pencil to out last the pencil itself so even when I start with brand new pencils I am always in need of erasers!  I like these pencil topper ones and of course, the classic pink bar erasers are always a good choice so I put them both on my teacher school supply list.



It never fails that I find all kinds of things I need sharpies for during the school year.  Most often I need sharpies for labeling and for making props for our musical.  This year I would love to have this set with so many colors!  I also have 5 sets of these metallic sharpies on my teacher school supply list labeling black recorder cases and black notebooks. 

Bulletin Board Border 

Bulletin board border is the one thing I always forget to budget for.  This border can get expensive if you want to change your bulletin board ever grading period or every season.  I prefer keeping the border and background the same all year to save money.  This means I just change what is featured on my board.  Since I keep the same border up all year I also have to replace it every year. I love the elegance of this particular border and think it will go well with my music fabric.  I also really like this set!  Although it is 9 inches short of what I need for my big hallway bulletin board! 

Clip boards

I would love to have 130 of these clip boards for my class.  However, they are expensive so I will have to look for a sponsor.  As you may have read about on my guest post for Girls Who Blog  I am trying to set up a system to have all 800 of my students set achievement goals in my class.  Having 130 of these clip boards would allow me to easily store, pass out, and keep track of the goal setting books and sheets I have made.  


I like to send home CDs for the kids to practice their choir music.  Also as a music teacher, I often get asked for CDs for special events or for other teachers to use in their class so it is great to always have a stack on my desk.

Note books

This year I want to be more organized.  So I am going to get notebooks for planning, programs, lesson plans, and projects.  I really like these with the clear covers

Spiral note books

I love these 5-star spiral note books!  I always try and find a reason to sneak a few on to my teacher school supply list.  They are a little bit oversized so that the paper in the can be removed and is still full sized!  They are my favorite!


I know buying 5 boxes of tissues seems excessive, but remember that even in elementary you child will go to 3-5 classes a week outside of their homeroom . We all share the facial tissues you bring, or specialists like me have to buy our own.  I always appreciate it when kids bring these tissues.

As you can see every teacher in the school needs school supplies and we are so appreciative of the things you send!

What is your favorite or most useful school supply?

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9 Replies to “My Teacher School Supply List Fall 2017”

  1. This is a great reminder list of school supplies. I find that even though we are reminded as parents to send kleenex along to class, it doesn’t take long before they are requesting more!

  2. I was wondering what you taught when you said you had 800 students…then I saw that you’re a music teacher. That makes sense! (I used to be a music teacher, until the politics got too intense. Now I work from home, and I love it!)

  3. Even though I am not in school anymore, I LOVE and buy pens! I am so gung-ho over pens (because I use them to write, and I write a lot!) that I sometimes get upset when I lose them! I love that one can pretty much buy all these items at my store where I work!

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