One Bedroom Apartment With Baby

Why a One Bedroom Apartment With Baby On the way?

When we first started announcing our pregnancy one of the first questions we got was “so when are you buying a house?” and people were astonished to hear our simple answer “sometime in the future.”  Most people were quite confused as to why two people with decent jobs would choose to live in a one bedroom apartment with baby on the way.  Not being one to go against the flow I questioned our decision frequently, until the baby actually came then I knew we made the right choice.  Here are my top 10 reasons I am so glad we decided to stay in a one bedroom for the first year of our baby’s life.

1. We didn’t have to deal with house hunting and moving while I was pregnant.  

This was a really big blessing, between being overtired and dealing with morning sickness the last thing a pregnant lady needs is to be thinking about spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a house, not to mention the fixing up and decorating that comes with such a purchase.  This reason enough to keep a one bedroom apartment with baby. 

2. It was easy to get around during recovery.  

I had read all the mom blogs that talked about setting up changing and nursing stations all over your house so you didn’t have to traipse over to the nursery for every change and feed.  I think in the 9 months we have had a baby he has only been changed on the living room floor changing station once.   

3. Small spaces are easier to keep clean.

 This has become even more important since both of us have gone back to work full time. There is just no time to waste cleaning unnecessary space. 

4. It is easy for the baby to have tummy time while you cook and do laundry.

 No need to move the baby from place to place.  Just give him a blanket on the floor and he can have fun watching you walk back and forth doing your chores.

5. No space for unnecessary baby containers means less concern for a misshapen head!

6. When the baby starts crawling he or she can easily keep up with you.

Having baby tag along as you move about the house causes less separation anxiety for the baby.

7. When baby starts spreading toys everywhere they have fewer places to go.

8. You don’t have to go far in the middle of the night when your baby wakes up.

9.  You spend more time as a family because you are less spread out.

10.  You save a lot of money on rent and utilities

This savings can be used on adventures like traveling or paying a babysitter for date night!

What are your intentional living arrangements and how have they affected your parenting?



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