Who Are Intentional Explorers?

Intentional Explorers

Who are Intentional Explorers?

In practice Intentional Explorers are people who strive to be intentional with their lives to achieve personal happiness as well as to better the greater community through action or understanding.  To the Intentional Explorer knowledge is the key to understanding and compassion. In general, Intentional Explorers set out to be intentional in two or more of the following categories: Continue reading “Who Are Intentional Explorers?”

What Does It Mean To Be Intentional?


Intentionality is a concept introduced to me by my dear friend Jeremy.  To him relationships happen not by chance, but because we put forth the effort into making them happen.  While we were in college Jeremy made it a point among our group of friends to promote doing things together “intentionally”, or having “intentional” dialog about a particular subject.  When we were first getting to know each-other I thought this was a bit odd, cool, but odd.  It wasn’t until after we graduated that I realized how important intentionality really was. Continue reading “What Does It Mean To Be Intentional?”

Tinkergarten: Outdoor Adventure in the Big City


Disclaimer (I currently teach for Tinkergarten, but the views here are my own and I was not asked to write, nor compensated for this post)

As much as I love teaching there are things that frustrate me about public schools.  Perhaps this is because I didn’t grow up in school, or perhaps it is because as an Intentional Explorer I research things like “what kids need to learn best” and “how should kids be learning”.  Because of this, I feel frustrated at the crossroads of school and education where the paths cross but go in opposite directions.  In any case, I was super excited in the fall of 2016 to learn about a fairly new movement called Tinkergarten.   Continue reading “Tinkergarten: Outdoor Adventure in the Big City”

Is Your Life Defining Happiness? Or Are You Letting Others Define it For You?


Don’t you find it frustrating when you read something about improving your job, life, relationships, etc., and the author tells you that “Happiness is a choice” or “10% of life is what happens to you and 90% is how you choose to react to it”?  I can assure you I am not full of Happiness when I read stuff like that. But those kind of quotes did get me going on a journey to find what happiness is for me.  Continue reading “Is Your Life Defining Happiness? Or Are You Letting Others Define it For You?”

One Bedroom Apartment With Baby

One Bedroom Apartment with baby

Why a One Bedroom Apartment With Baby On the way?

When we first started announcing our pregnancy one of the first questions we got was “so when are you buying a house?” and people were astonished to hear our simple answer “sometime in the future.”  Most people were quite confused as to why two people with decent jobs would choose to live in a one bedroom apartment with baby on the way.  Not being one to go against the flow I questioned our decision frequently, until the baby actually came then I knew we made the right choice.  Here are my top 10 reasons I am so glad we decided to stay in a one bedroom for the first year of our baby’s life. Continue reading “One Bedroom Apartment With Baby”