Parent Cabin Sample Box Review

Parent Cabin Sample Box Review

~~~I was invited to create a Parent Cabin Sample Box review in exchange for an early admission into the club.  My reflections are my own  you can also join the club now for free~~~

This is my Parent Cabin sample box review.  I received the box free, but so can you!  Parent Cabin is a cool company that sends samples of products to its members to try for free!  

Parent Cabin Sample Box review

The process is pretty simple.  You log on to the website here.  Next, you make an account and create a profile.  After creating your profile you fill out a little survey to see what samples are available for you to try.  There are many samples for expecting moms and a growing collection of samples for current parents.

Once you complete your survey you see the products you can choose to sample.  Finally, you can select up to 6 products to try.  Of the products listed, I chose only products I was interested in trying.  I loved getting to select my own samples because I know I will use them and they won’t go to waste.  For example, there was a sample of formula that I declined as my baby doesn’t take formula.

Here are the samples I requested and received from Parent Cabin.

Blue Lizard sunscreen.  

Blue Lizard sunscreen Parent Cabin Sample Box

This sunscreen was recommended by my doctor for Little A since he has such fair skin.  This Australian product is gaining popularity in the US after finding success in the thinning ozone of Australia.  I was super excited that the little sample came with a $4 off coupon!  This is definitely something I will use!

Growth Chart from Americord Blood Bank Registry.

Height Chart Parent Cabin Sample Box Review

Another sample I received is this cute growth chart from Americord Blood Bank registry.  I am super excited to start tracking Little A’s growth with this cute giraffe!  I know a lot of people mark their kid’s height on door frames, but we live in an apartment so this chart is perfect!

Explore Cuisine Organic Chickpea Spaghetti.

Pasta Parent Cabin Sample Box review

The final item I received was Explore Cuisine Organic Chickpea Spaghetti.  I love chickpeas and this gluten-free pasta was pretty tasty!  It got a little mushy when cooked and then added to the sauce but the flavor was fine.  My husband, who doesn’t like chickpeas, even said it was good and that he would eat it again.   I have several family members who are gluten-free so I am excited to share this pasta with them!!

Parent cabin sample box review pin

As a member of Parent Cabin, you can receive a new sample box once a month!  You just have to log in here and select the new samples!  For more information check out the Parent Cabin website

I hope you enjoy your samples from Parent Cabin as much as I have enjoyed mine!

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