The Quest to Conquer Summer Projects

Summer projects

That time of year is here again, the time to conquer my piles of summer projects.  One of the biggest struggles I have as a teacher is balancing my time.  I somehow never have time to work on “fun” projects during the school year leaving me with piles of  projects to complete in the summer.  This year was no exception, and since I had time during my maternity leave this fall to find a few new projects my list of things to do this summer has grown.  Luckily I have this blog to help keep me intentional with my projects and to document them so that perhaps I will feel accomplished at the end of this summer.

Get intentional about Intentional Explorers.

I really want to get this site up and going and have enough content lined up to keep me on track once school starts. I also want to establish a routine for writing so it will be easier to keep up with once I go back to school in the fall.

 Make some more cute diapers for my baby!  

This falI learned to make up-cycle wool and PUL diaper covers .  I love having cute PUL prints and I love that wool keeps; me, the sheets, and baby dry at night.  In the fall I bought supplies to make more but ran out of time to make them.  This summer I want to make the time to get them done!  I also want to make this my first DIY project here at Intentional explorers

Get back in shape.

This school year has been tough for me.  Between trying to keep up with school and not drowned from house-work I have neglected my body and need to get her back on a healthy path physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Grow my Tinkergarten numbers

After a very successful spring Tinkergarten season, I need to work hard to recruit for my summer and fall classes.

Finagle space

Figure out how to make space to work in the apartment… Find space for a toddler to play more safely, for me to work, and keep enough space for visitors.  

Update Mr. Snail’s videos

A few years ago my students demanded I make some videos and start a YouTube channel for my Snail puppet.  He is pretty hilarious, so I did.  This summer I would like to set up a channel just for Mr. Snail without any kids.  Having a channel just for Mr. Snail will allow me to expand my audience.  Someday maybe I will take him on the road to parties and libraries.  


What are your summer projects and goals?

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