Summer Projects: Progress Update #2

Summer Projects  Progress Update #2

As I wrote about here and here my goals for this summer are quite lofty!  I have been very pleased with the work I have done so far and hope I can continue to keep my focus!  Here is my progress update!

Intentional Explorers

I have done a lot of behind the scenes work to make Intentional Explorers official!  Now that the paper work is done I can relax. I have stressed about it for too long and the stress was holding back my creative flow.  Now that it is done I feel great about continuing to write and create! I have drafted several posts and started brainstorming some amazing email classes and some video based classes too!  I am so excited to share them!

Making diapers for my baby!

In the last update I wrote about felting the wool for diaper covers.  Since then I have cut out and sewn the covers!  They really only take about 30 minutes to make after the wool is felted.  I made some big mistakes, but since they are just for night time it doesn’t matter too much.  You will hear more about this in another post, but I am so glad to have them done.  

Next on my list in this category is to make some pocket diapers with the PUL I have collected since November.  I ordered the elastic and absorbent fabrics and they just came in. My sister came on Friday and we got one set of inserts made so now the pressure is on to make the covers!  

Get in shape

I haven’t done quite as well here as I wanted to.  I really hoped I would be able to get up and go running before my husband went to work each morning.  But it just isn’t happening.  I did go hiking and have taken baby on a few little hikes around here.  Two more are schedule for this week so that is good.  I think I really need to give up junk food to really get my body back on the right track, but it is so hard!

Grow my Tinkergarten Numbers

I was really disappointed that I wasn’t able to get enough people to register for my summer classes to make.  However, I did make a lot of amazing contacts for fall.  This makes me very hopeful for my fall season.  I will continue to be optimistic about Tinkergarten because I am so passionate about getting kids outside and letting them experience all nature has to offer!

Mr. Snail Videos

I haven’t done much more with Mr. Snail this week as I have had to use my studio space for sewing.  Mr. Snail won’t go neglected much longer though, I will try and get some new videos of him going soon.  I did start a blog post about how to use puppets in the classroom which I am really excited to publish!

That’s all for today’s progress update.  

How are your summer goals going?

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