Mr. Snail’s Space

Welcome to Mr. Snail’s Space!

Over the last 7 years Mr. Snail has been perfecting his central Texas puppet show.  It’s an educational comedy act and he is now ready to take it on the road.  Mr. Snail is a self-absorbed music enthusiast who believes the world revolves around him.   His humorous self-centered personality brings joy to every child and adult he comes in contact with.

Mr. Snail’s Central Texas Puppet Show

Mr. Snail enjoys most performing for children, but always has a pun or two for teachers and parents.  Check out his videos on YouTube to see him in action.  If you are interested in having Mr. Snail or his puppet friends come to your central Texas school, library, or birthday event please send us a message through the contact form below!


Mr. Snail, the best snail in the whole world!


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