Summer Project Update 4

Summer Project Update 4

Life has been quite busy!  I apologize for leaving you all hanging with my summer project progress.  You can read whole story by starting here.   Then read update one,  update two, and update three.   After you finish that you can find Summer Project Update Number Four below

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Finagle Space

Find Space office area Summer project update

As you read about here  I was able to organize and find myself some work space as well as make space for Little A to play with his trains.  I feel really good about finding this space!  Also, it is really nice to have a bit of space in our apartment that dedicated to me!

Intentional Explorers

I have done pretty well at writing content for the blog and I am pleased with that.  One unwritten goal that I had for Intentional Explorers was to get 100 Facebook followers by the end of July  I am struggling a little with that goal.  So if you haven’t followed us on Facebook yet please do!  And invite your friends too!  We are less than 30 people away from this goal!


I have been working hard on recruiting for my Fall Tinkergarten  season but I have been struggling.  I have a meeting with the Tinkergarten people on Tuesday.  Hopefully they will help me with marketing ideas!


Inside of pocket cloth diaper made from scraps for my summer project update Summer Project Update pocket cloth diaper

I wrote a few weeks ago  about creating wool diaper covers.  Last week I made my first Pocket diaper!  I made the diaper from scraps so it isn’t pretty, but It is functional!  I am excited about how easy it was.  Now I just need to get in gear and make the rest!  The hard part is finding time to add the snaps because they take so long and Little A gets very interested in them.  

Healthy Habits

I have still been struggling with eating healthy foods.  Emeals has helped a lot but I still struggle with convenience foods when out and about.  I am very proud of the fact that I was able to pack my food for the convention I attended this weekend! By planning and bringing my food I only ended up eating out once!  Not only did I save money but I also ate much more healthfully!  I love these containers for fruit, snacks, and sandwiches  and this one for larger items or salads.

My goal of hiking once a week has been met and I have been walking most days too.  I  have gone running a hand full of times and would like to go at least 5 more times before school starts!  

Mental health is an important part of healthy habits and even though it wasn’t part of my original goals I want to say a few words about it here in project update 4.  I have started to use more positive thinking strategies and I downloaded the app called Calm recommended to me by my friend over at Windcarved Designs.  I am looking forward to seeing how the breathing exercises help calm my mind!

Mr. Snail

Poor Mr. Snail has been very neglected.  I haven’t worked on his videos at all…

Overall as of project update four I have made progress.  Not as much as I would like.  But progress is progress so I will be happy with it!

How are your summer goals going?  Do you need accountability to finish something before the end of August?  Let us know how we can help!

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