Quest To Conquer Summer Projects Update #1

Summer projects update #1

As I talked about in  Quest to Conquer Summer Projects   I have a lot of Summer Projects to work on.  The first week of summer has come and gone and I am very impressed with the amount of progress I have made on my summer projects and goals.  Read on to see my happy update!

Starting Clean

This week I set the stage for a productive summer by cleaning the apartment. Thankfully it is a small space!  I deep cleaned the bathroom and did several loads of laundry.  I also tackled the issue of the unusable dining room space.  

Progress for Intentional Explorers!

I wrote a good number of articles for Intentional Explorers and even posted them!

Make Diaper covers for my baby

I felted the wool for the Diaper covers!  Can’t wait to see them finished!

Mr. Snail

I set up a new channel for Mr. Snail and gave him a page here at Intentional Explorers.

Grow my Tinkergarten Numbers

In preparation for my final free trial class of summer I made contact with my enrollees and talked with my mentor leader.

Getting Fit

I am most proud that everyday I went running! Although this probably won’t be able to happen regularly it was a great treat!

Let’s hope my work ethic continues to be this good and we will make a lot of progress this summer!

How are your summer projects going?  What progress have you made?  what encouragement do you need?

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7 Replies to “Quest To Conquer Summer Projects Update #1”

  1. Those are some awesome goals you have set for yourself this summer. Good luck on accomplishing all of them. I think this is a great way to be more intentional with your time and tackle the task list. Currently on my summer to do list I just have items related to moving such as: go through/organize my important papers bag, find a place to live, pack my house, set up my new house, and reorganize my classroom materials.

    1. Kourtney! Thanks for reading! I am so glad you are enjoying being part of my adventure! I wish you luck with all of your projects! Especially organizing important papers… that is the hardest project for me! I hope you stay part of our community and keep us updated on your move! Maybe post a picture when you are settled.

  2. Your list of things to do are admirable goals, especially the one about getting back into shape. My goals this summer have centered around fun things I hope to finish–such as a wedding quilt I started over 4 years ago! In fact, my niece asked me just yesterday if I sit around at home all day doing “projects” and I had to tell her yes. In addition to the quilt, though, I do hope to write more and indie-publish some short stories I have been working on. Your blog has a great point: that in order for us to do all of the worthwhile things we would like to do–call it our Bucket List–we have to be intentional.

    1. You will have to post a picture of your quilt once it is finished! I find craft projects some of the hardest but also the most rewarding. For me craft projects have that same feeling as getting near the end of a really good book. You want so much to read the ending but your know you will morn the end of a lovely story!

  3. I have made a pretty good start to my summer by also starting clean. I had a big spring cleaning effort in which I really reduced the toys, my craft supplies, and many of our clothes to mostly things we actually use. So far this has resulted in laundry being less stressful (and not actually any more frequent), and my toddler actually being able to play with (and clean up) toys more independently.
    In the next couple weeks I’m going to work on balancing things out. So, getting out of the house for hikes and swimming, story hour; alternating with days of resting up from the heat while doing fix up projects around the house, as well as forging ahead on creative endeavors. My other important goal is to be more mindful of what I am eating, so I can feel better.

  4. Wow! I should have started a goal list at the beginning of the summer, i didn’t start making any until last month. My main goals are blogging oriented. I’m trying to get everything set up before I start back teaching for another year in China! I look forward to checking out your Mr. Snail videos. Good luck!

    1. Thanks so much for the comment! Yes, having a goal list is a great way to feel accomplished and blogging is a great means of accountability! I would love to hear more about your life teaching in China!

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