Summer Projects Update #3

Summer Projects Update #3

Despite the fact that I have been really busy I haven’t worked on as many of my projects lately as I was able to in update #1 and #2.  Luckily as you will see in this summer projects update, the projects I have worked on I have done a lot of work with.


I have been keeping up with posting in my Facebook groups to spread the word about Tinkergarten.  I feel like I need to do more though.  This week I am going to do some serious brainstorming! This week I also need to reconnect with my awesome group from the spring and invite them to the fall season!

Sewing Diapers

Summer Projects Update #3

All the wool is finished!  Here is a picture of my favorite pair! I hope you enjoy reading about my adventure in making the Upcycle wool covers .

Intentional Explorers

I have created a lot of content!  Including my first free email course “How to Sing to Your Baby”  you can check out the post and sign up for the course at the bottom of the page.  

When I first started writing Intentional Explorers I was a bit worried that I would quickly run out of things to write about.  However, I am excited to say that my list of posts to write keeps growing!  I feel like I have two new ideas  after every post I finish!

As you have probably noticed I have also become an affiliate with Amazon!  If you would like to support Intentional Explorers feel free to use our affiliate links!  This is a big step towards being a business rather than a hobby!

Getting fit

I have been walking just about everyday and went running a couple of times while we were out of town.   I really need to find my awesome runner’s phone case as my runs were a bit uncomfortable since I had to hold my phone. 

This week we have been back to healthier eating by using Emeals.  I like Emeals because I have very few choices and it gives me a good grocery list to shop with!  Makes eating healthy so much easier.  We have been following the paleo plan for dinners but they have lots of choices.  I hope that makes up for all the ice cream I have been eating recently…

Enough talk about my summer projects update, how are your projects going?

Become The Adventure

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