Summer Project Update 4

Summer Project Update #4

Summer Project Update 4

Life has been quite busy!  I apologize for leaving you all hanging with my summer project progress.  You can read whole story by starting here.   Then read update one,  update two, and update three.   After you finish that you can find Summer Project Update Number Four below Continue reading “Summer Project Update 4”

Quest To Conquer Summer Projects Update #1

Summer Projects list

Summer projects update #1

As I talked about in  Quest to Conquer Summer Projects   I have a lot of Summer Projects to work on.  The first week of summer has come and gone and I am very impressed with the amount of progress I have made on my summer projects and goals.  Read on to see my happy update! Continue reading “Quest To Conquer Summer Projects Update #1”

The Quest to Conquer Summer Projects

Summer Projects

Summer projects

That time of year is here again, the time to conquer my piles of summer projects.  One of the biggest struggles I have as a teacher is balancing my time.  I somehow never have time to work on “fun” projects during the school year leaving me with piles of  projects to complete in the summer.  This year was no exception, and since I had time during my maternity leave this fall to find a few new projects my list of things to do this summer has grown.  Luckily I have this blog to help keep me intentional with my projects and to document them so that perhaps I will feel accomplished at the end of this summer. Continue reading “The Quest to Conquer Summer Projects”