Unexpected Adventure: Texas Floral Expo

Last weekend I had the pleasure to do a walk through of the Texas Floral Expo with my father-in-law.  He is an excellent florist and is well known throughout the state.  He asked us to bring his grandson to the Texas Floral Expo to meet his friends and we happily obliged!

Texas Floral Expo

The Texas Floral Expo is an annual convention of the Texas State Florists Association.  At the convention they offer classes in floral business and design as well as a product gallery and many displays of new flowers from around the world!

The Tour

We started off going around the hotel to meet my FIL’s friends.  It was so nice to meet them and they were all happy to meet Little A.  There were also tons of flowers in the walkways!  So beautiful!

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The Workshop

The moment I walked into the workshop I knew I should have asked if it was alright to take pictures.  Next year I will get permission to take pictures in the workshop because we saw some of the coolest arrangements here.  My favorite was a farm themed display with several full sized sheep made of flowers!  Another amazing arrangement used vases stacked in a pyramid.   

The Texas Floral Expo Product Gallery

Next we went into the product gallery! What an amazing place!  I finally got brave and asked if I could take pictures so you can see my favorite displays!

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This one I call “The Living Dress.” It was made by Johnsen’s Wholesale Florist, and it was my favorite!


I also loved this heart tree by Alpha Fern!

On the way out we saw this special arrangement designed by Becky Roper. Her arrangement brought back so many memories of growing up in the country!  My dad used to take us to look at cotton when we were small and this display reminded me of that.


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Sorry I didn’t get more pictures for you all.  Hopefully we will get to go to the 2018 Texas Floral Expo and I can do a better job of reporting.  I hope you enjoyed the pictures I was able to share and that all these flowers remind you to spend some time outside!

Have you ever found yourself doing something that turned out to be way more amazing than you thought it would be?  Tell us about it in the comments!


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9 Replies to “Unexpected Adventure: Texas Floral Expo”

  1. You took a great amount of pictures! Thank you for sharing 🙂

    My thing that turned out more amazing than I thought it would be was visiting the Newport Aquarium in Cincinnati! We were there seeing friends and took our little ones to the aquarium. It was very kid friendly and informative as well as being entertaining for the grown-ups. And the layout was great… you never knew what fun adventure was around the corner. If anyone visits Cincinnati, I would highly recommend going to this aquarium 🙂

  2. No need to apologize–the pictures you did get look great! Liked the bit about going to look at cotton plants. 🙂

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