Using Old Advice to Help you Achieve Your Goals

Using old advice to help you achieve your goals

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Here at Intentional Explorers I want to focus on helping you achieve your goals.  One way I do that is to tell you about my goals and keep you updated as I work on them.  Today I would like to give you some other tips to help you not only achieve your goals but also improve some habits in the process.  I was inspired to write this article by a 1949 Singer Sewing manual that has been going around on Facebook.

achieve your goals with old fashioned advice

Many people are offended when they read the advice in this manual because of how out dated and sexist it seems.  However, I choose to look past its old fashioned ideals and look for the golden content hidden within.  

Basically I derived inspiration from this manual by substituting the name of my project where ever I saw the words “sewing” or “sew” and that gave me some great ideas about how to approach my goals and projects with intention. I hope it does the same for you.  Let’s assume your current goal is to “complete your project”.

Prepare yourself mentally for completing your project

Always be enthusiastic when thinking about your project!  Imagine what it will feel like to achieve your goals.  When you think of working on your project imagine being happy while you work on it.  Use positive self-talk to avoid melancholy feelings towards or during your projects.

Never work on completing your projects with a sink full of dirty dishes.

At first I thought this one was a bit ridiculous. What if I made time for my project but got distracted with the baby so I didn’t do the dishes.  Should I really put my project off again.  Many advice columns say yes, but I wanted to try the Singer’s advice. So I started cleaning up a little (or a lot) before working on my projects and I noticed three things.  First I felt immediate relief once the living room was clean and the kitchen was at least mostly tidy.  Second I feel more creative with the choirs done.  I am able to come up with more ideas and write freely because I am not beating myself up for leaving a mess. Finally I sleep better even if I stay up late because I know the apartment will be clean when wake up.  

If you want to achieve your goals make yourself as attractive as possible.  

This is the one I struggle the most with.  By the time I have cleaned up the apartment I am pretty tired and I want to get some good writing time in so I don’t shower until after I am done and ready for bed in case the baby wakes up while I am working.  However, I bet I would feel better if I did shower before I wrote.  Looking our best while we work on projects reminds us to take our projects seriously.  It also makes it easy to complete tasks related to the project.  For example, if you are dressed while working you are able to easily run to the store if you realize you forgot something important to the project.

I hope these thoughts help you on your quest to achieve your goals the same way they have helped me work productively towards my summer goals.

What are your 3 main goals right now?  Do you think any of these suggestions will help you achieve your goals?

20 Replies to “Using Old Advice to Help you Achieve Your Goals”

    1. Thanks! I am really enjoying Intentional Explorers as a channel to improve my goal setting techniques and really achieve the things I want! Good luck on your goals! Follow us on Facebook for regular goal achieving encouragement!

  1. I like the one about getting dressed. I do believe in showing up and putting your best foot forward, even working from home. 😉

    1. So glad you liked them! I must say it took me more than just a day to see the fruits of them, especially the cleaning up before writing. But now I know when everything is “clean enough” and I have struck a balance. Hope you find that too!

    1. Staci! I am so glad you think so! I was nervous about this post! I am really good at seeing something and being able to put unrelated ideas to use and I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to comment on this vintage idea! Hope you come again!

  2. I almost always think those old ideals are crazy. But I like the way you look at them. I definitely like a clean house, so sitting down to crochet and knowing I don’t have to stop at some point to get stuff done makes my project more enjoyable!

    1. Yes! I have as I mentioned It has helped a lot especially with tidying up before starting posts at night. When I tidy first I don’t have that nagging feeling of work I should be doing as I write.

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