What Does It Mean To Be Intentional?

Intentionality is a concept introduced to me by my dear friend Jeremy.  To him relationships happen not by chance, but because we put forth the effort into making them happen.  While we were in college Jeremy made it a point among our group of friends to promote doing things together “intentionally”, or having “intentional” dialog about a particular subject.  When we were first getting to know each-other I thought this was a bit odd, cool, but odd.  It wasn’t until after we graduated that I realized how important intentionality really was.

The Gift of Intentional Friendship

Jeremy is a year ahead of me in school.  With in a year and a half of his graduating our whole group of friends spread across the country.  Jeremy’s intentional choices about who he chose to marry, and her dedication to intentional friendships played a major role in keeping our group together.  Jeremy and his wife moved to Minnesota where they could have focused solely on making new friends and doing good work in their new community leaving everyone they had known in college to do their own thing.  Instead, they chose to work hard to keep in contact with us and to facilitate our whole group to stay connected through online meet ups and hangouts.

While self-reflecting as I was preparing to start this blog, I realized I have always been an intentional person.  At 10 I started saving money to attend college since I knew it would be up to me to pay for it.  As an undergrad I intentionally choose not to change majors  to graduate on time.  During my late teen years I chose specific friends to stay on the right path. I intentionally turned down my first job offer in hopes of  a better one.  Recently, I intentionally started this blog with the goal of bringing together a community of intentional people looking to explore life.

I am so grateful to Jeremy for naming this concept and for guiding me to pursue the people and things that are important to me with intention.

I am looking forward to getting to know all of you and hearing you share your adventures!


Become The Adventure

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