Who Are Intentional Explorers?

Who are Intentional Explorers?

In practice Intentional Explorers are people who strive to be intentional with their lives to achieve personal happiness as well as to better the greater community through action or understanding.  To the Intentional Explorer knowledge is the key to understanding and compassion. In general, Intentional Explorers set out to be intentional in two or more of the following categories:

Intentional Explorers find adventure in knowledge

We believe education is not something that ended when we left formal institutional learning.  We enjoy reading and learning by doing.  We may take classes at community colleges or through online resources to amuse ourselves.  We may daydream about homework and desire the brain workout of calculus or a good philosophical discussion.

Intentional Explorers choose their fellow voyagers

Intentional Explorers know that a good team is the key to a successful expedition! We seek out party members who may have different areas of expertise, but share the goal of reaching our destination.

Intentional Explorers sponsor adventure responsibly

Either you have a budget, or you have personal beliefs that guide your spending habits. You spend and save money with a purpose.  If you are a natural saver you scrutinize every penny you spend.  If you are a spender you know exactly how much you spend on what, and why you chose to buy what you did.

Intentional Explorers chart their courses

Rather than reading a book or seeing a movie you are content to spend hours reading and researching your latest interest, upcoming purchases, parenting ideas, diets, fashions, etc, and putting that research into action.

Intentional Explorers may take provisions seriously

You have made (or at least make an effort at) a food lifestyle rather than a diet.  You are might be paleo, vegetarian, or vegan and/or you may subscribe to a meal planning service.

For the Intentional Explorer time is a puzzle

You thrive on a schedule, when your time is intentionally dedicated.  You function best when you go to bed at a set time and get the most done when you rise at the same time everyday.  You intentionally plan free time and work time, as well as time with friends and time to yourself.

Intentional Explorers know that a healthy explorer is a happy explorer

You believe health is not something that just happens to you.  You know and accept responsibility for the repercussions of your actions (both positive and negative) when it comes to food, lifestyle, and other health choices.  You often choose natural remedies above traditional ones and you read all the fine print of any prescription you take.   You realize that your mental health is as important as your physical health and you take steps to promote mental well-being.

Intentional Explorers help others along the trail.

Intentional explorers are often very passionate about helping others. Participating in politics and activism is one way that Explorers can express themselves.

If you feel like any of these descriptions describe you then Intentional Explorers is the place for you to learn and explore!  We welcome you to join us in discovering ourselves and the world around us through the blog and our community.  
What intentions are you focusing on this week?

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