Here at

Intentional Explorers

 we create intentionally designed websites

 for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

We Will...

Design an intuitive and
purposeful website for your company that intentionally meets the needs of your clients.

Intentionally use and develop your brand to highlight what makes your company unique.

Guide you through creating meaningful content to maximize your website’s ROI.

We love to work with...

Passionate Small Busniess Owners

Do you love sharing about your business, solving awesome problems and helping people?

Maybe you are ready to upgrade your business from a DIY website to a professional WordPress site.

If so we would love to work with you!


Are you a teacher who has several businesses to support your family and your passion?  These might include: online teaching, curriculum creation, and or tutoring.  Wouldn’t it be great to have one place you could send your different customers to see all you have to offer?

We would love to help you see a better rerun on your time by helping you brand yourself and create a central hub to support your work


Maybe you are a Multipotentialite, someone who has more than one business/interest.

Are you are tired of running multiple websites?  

We can help you decide if brand unification is right for you, and if so, unify your brand(s) with an intentional website that tells your stories and offers maximum ROI.

Let Intentional Explorers take the stress out of your website by creating a unique intentional design for you.