Intentionally Awesome Websites in 5 Steps!

Feeling stressed about updating or building your business’s website?

At Intentional Explorers, we will create a strategic websites for your business that is intuitive, functional, and brings out the best in your brand for maximum ROI.

We make the process as fun and straightforward as possible for you with our five step process:

Step 1: Strategy

We will begin our work together by having a strategy call with me, Mary-Ellen. During this friendly conversation we will discuss your business, personality, goals, and style.

Don’t worry, this part is fun and relaxed! Learning about you and your business is what helps me design the most intentional and authentic website to serve you and support your customers intuitively. 

Step 2: Intentional Content

We know content is often stressful for business owners to create.  Don’t worry if you are unsure of what you want to say or if you have struggled with written content in the past.  I am here to help you.

I will help you create intentional content with some useful resources that outline exactly what you will need for intentional and effective web copy.

Together we can create natural content that will guide your customers.

Step 3: Design:

During this step I will strategically combine your brand information and content, bringing it together intentionally in a results focused design.

At the end of this step you will have a fully functioning demo website to review.

You will be able to click through the site to explore and experience what it will look like at launch and offer feedback to me.

Once I receive your feedback from Step 3, I will update your website until it becomes everything you hoped for!

This is also when we work out all the little details and test the site across a variety of devices to make sure it is fully functional.

Step 4: Review + Revise:

Step 5: Launch:

Step 5: Launch: We have intentionally set up the launch day so that you will have nothing to worry about, we handle all the tech stuff! Just sit back and relax and enjoy seeing your new site work for you!

Post Launch

We offer some guides and videos to help you keep your site updated and offer a custom retainer package should you prefer to have us handle updates. 

If you have any post launch questions I am available to help!


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How long will the process take?

The design process usually takes between four and six weeks. Some projects may take a little longer.

I want you to feel satisfied with the work and that your site represents you, even if that means it takes a little longer.

What is your revision policy?

I offer two revisions as part of the package. If any major changes are requested after that further revisions may be added on a case by case basis with custom pricing.

What website platform do you use?

All my websites are intentionally designed using WordPress, the most popular and efficient web building tool and platform.

Do you outsource any of your work?

At this time all work is completed in house.

Will my customers be able to easily use the website?
Every website is created Intentionally with the customer in mind. I want your clients to be able to navigate your site with ease so you receive the highest possible ROI.

Will the website be mobile friendly?
Yes, as part of our review and revise step we test your site on a variety of platforms and devices to make sure it is compatible.

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